We’ve been quiet because we’ve been busy!

From the announcement of the closure of all bars and restaurants due to the Covid-19 Pandemic in March 2020, Desi Dhaba has been quiet but extremely busy! Together with other likeminded individuals and businesses in the community we formed the Covid-19 Response Kitchen and we’ve been working incredibly hard the last few months providing free hot meals to elderly, vulnerable, isolating individuals, NHS Trusts and Keyworkers!

We’ve produced and distributed 220,000 meals to those in need across London and counting! We’ve been super busy supporting those who needed food during this time, as we believe in the solidarity of community and being there for one another. Good nutritious food is what we believe in at Desi Dhaba, by providing people with a hot meal, sandwiches and dry food items we were able to ensure that those individuals struggling during this pandemic were helped and importantly they were fed a good meal.

We have been so fortunate to meet many amazing people along the way who have supported us in every aspect of this project, our amazing Chefs and kitchen team, volunteers and partners that formed the Covid-19 Response Kitchen have all made this possible!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us during this difficult time!